About PETA Germany

PETA Germany e.V. was founded in 1993 and is an affiliate of PETA US – the largest animal rights organisation in the world, with more than 6.5 million members and supporters worldwide. Other affiliates operate in Asia, Australia, France, India, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom.
Our goal is to uncover animal abuse, inform the public, and encourage people to make lifestyle changes that will help animals live free from exploitation.
The organisation was founded to inform politicians and the public about the widespread, unacceptable abuse of animals and to promote the idea that animals have a natural right to be treated with respect. We and our affiliates act according to the simple principle that we do not have the right to exploit, abuse, or use animals in any way.

Guiding Principles


We stop animal abuse, advocate for animal rights, and encourage compassion towards animals.


We work towards a world without cruelty to animals or animal exploitation.


Animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, use for entertainment, or abuse in any other way.


Our work is characterised by the following principles:

  • Credibility
  • Expertise
  • Passion
  • Persistence
  • Empathy

In our colleagues, we value these qualities:

  • Collegiality
  • Trust
  • Respect
  • Reliability
  • Loyalty

Core Strategy

We cooperate with scientists, the judiciary, and the executive branch to end cruelty to animals. We use eye-catching demonstrations and campaigns to garner publicity, expose animal abuse, and put pressure on decision-makers.
Our campaigns and activities are based on meticulous research, and backed by international media coverage, they often achieve extensive and lasting changes that prevent the suffering and deaths of thousands of animals.

Responding to Criticism

When a PETA campaign causes a stir, there will always be resistance from the organisations and individuals whose actions we condemn. Consequently, you may encounter public criticism of our work. You can read our responses to the most common criticisms here (in German), and you can also contact us any time at [email protected].